TEREZA The warm characteristic black soulful voice, and remarkable live performer, a pioneer for greek standards.
Tereza, was born in the music industry, brought up in an amazing time era, with the best memories from famous artists in the 80's close to her mother's side who was very popular at that time, her alter ego, best friend, singer, producer song writer Kate Bonny. Tereza sang and danced her way from school productions, and college, back and forth from the USA To Greece, along with her band in live shows, playing blues, soul, funk, jazz, attended amazing schools studied in New York With Coach Jill Leasure Of The Marilyn Horn Company, Studied in New Orleans dance, live performance, and voice, Black baby was her nick name. Visiting on a summer break in Athens Greece, she played with band 'Yesterday's' with covers from the 40' to 80's and was discovered simultaneously by the master of the music industry Makis Matsas Owner of Minos-Emi and Songwriter Lakis Papadopoulos, Singing unforgettable covers, was her big love!

Music & Producing, Singing, and remaking songs was her forte! As she did when her first LP with band 'Yesterday's' was released immediately, and signed by Minos Emi, an amazing hit in early 90's. Tereza was a Star over night, along came, Debut LP for Tereza "Oposdipote" that was such a hit and still plays in clubs, and is a classic! Tereza's voice, and appearance was something new for Greece!! Songs 'Club Fegari' by Sunny Baltzi, 'Oposdipote' duet with Giorgos Margaritis, by Kate Bonny, and everyone's favorite 'kypelaki' are some of her original songs, made her famous written by Lakis Papadopoulos and Kate Bonny, will be part of the 90's hit period. Her 2nd Lp 'Sta Kryfa' mid 90's had enormous airplay, and gave her the chance to sing with the biggest names in the industry Worldwide! Late 90'sTereza signed with Planetworks with Producer and friend Easy Coutiel who gave her a great Italian dance hit from Bianco & Nero and Tereza was the first artist to make a Greek dance hit lyrics by Kate Bonny.

Check it out on YouTube "Akouse me" a great Greek production by Planetworks.
When Tereza decided to do an album with cover songs 2005 in English no one could be believe hearing the amazing "Fly me to the moon" The voice & Production, an enormous hit, an all time classic till today, which opened doors for her worldwide, Also was the main theme in a great big advertising campaign both Greece and Cyprus. By various sponsors. Especially Cutty Sark.
She has signed in 40 countries with her cover songs in her then Album Tereza Remixes!
"Fly me to the moon", "Love me more", "No Ordinary Love" which is in over 200 compilations made in many versions. By planet works. And sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Her songs "Love me more" and remix by Gino Bianci a big hit in Italy also all versions of "No ordinary Love" in seduction compilations, and chill out Singapore. All of Tereza's song are played in clubs and her songs are so radio friendly, producer Niko Mouratidis Added her R&B version In Bootie Call.. Stating This Is Blondie Of Greece! Tereza is recording her new original songs in English written produced and sung by Tereza. And is performing with her band at The Loutraki Hotel Club Casino, and in very private trendy bistro restaurants worldwide, Her Famous Sunday Afternoon Shows 'No Ordinary Sundays' Are A Big Success through out all these years, in hot spots like: Cafe Greq, The Doors, The Rock! Top notch restaurants with Tereza Live And Her Band De Ja Vu.


Tereza has found a way to travel, and sing, in every part of the world, when so, she is invited to radio produce, in radio stations all over the worldboth greek and english! She produces her own radio shows, and others, she has been invited to stations, in all the cities U.S. and of Greece,Turkey, Cyprus, her remarkable shows "Club Fegarri" at 98.4, and her shows 'Se styl Na Min Xehniomaste' her most famous of all times "H Nihta Thelei Tereza" At Antenna (radio) Group for years, made a difference! First after midnight talk show!

And of course in the United States, and her invites to perform on Radio & TV shows also! To be interviewed, nationwide, and world wide, and combine it all! Tereza has a warm husky voice, very sensuous, makes people fall in love, and is loved by all her fanatic listeners for her music choices, that is why, she does all she can do, to prove her love for her music, loved to co write and co produce, with her alter ego and song writer mother Kate Bonny, who passed away recently and was a big loss for Tereza, but has her in her thoughts every moment. She will be the biggest inspiration always. It s due to this Tereza has taken a break from her music, but now it is time to return to all she loves, with beautiful new songs and shows!!

In Many Concerts And Colabirations, Tereza has performed worldwide with Artists:
Petros Gaitanos, Pashalis, Alexia,
George Hatzinasios, Mihalis Hatzigianis, Lakis Papadopoulos
George Margaritis, Pashalis Terzis, Demis Rousos
Mihalis Rakintzis, Mando, Katerina Kouka, Tolis Voskopoulos, Hristiana, Litsa Diamandi, Dimitra Papiou, Evridiki,
Glykeria, Vicky Mosholiou, Christos Nikolopoulos.
And many, many, more.

Her Personality Plus+
Tereza loves communicating with people!!

Her talent and original humor, and unique personality... while being spontaneous, is adored and so appreciated by her audience, who proves that they love to listen to Tereza On The Radio... millions of listeners worldwide! Tereza Has made a trend in amazing venues and, with her Interactive and alive shows, with music from all decades, performed by her powerful warm voice and live performance, is magical, she brings people together, and discovers new talent as years go by, she makes people sing, laugh, enjoy, dance, people love her and have proved it! Also teaching and coaching young talent, her voice & live and image making method: Personality Plus... With her team Paris Rodopoulos( Hair Stylist) Elena Koutsoubou (Make Up).

Coaching new artists, The success of Fame Studio, And Her TV Appearance On Talent show Dreamshow, as judge and coach, gave new artists, something never taught in Greece! And today Tereza discovers new talent & gives private lessons...

And along with talented artists, she has art direction in venues, and creates new projects!!!

Tereza is a pioneer for the standards of the Greek reality and ahead of her time!

Listen to Tereza radio shows, Tereza is recording her new single, is living in New York City, and is preparing her new live shows.

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